29- Failure to Comply

Screening, Monitoring, and Termination of Visitation- Failure to Comply

Hi. Welcome to part twenty-nine of the Supervised Visitation Monitor Training, brought to you by Family & Children’s Counseling Services, Inc.

In this segment, we will discuss failure to comply. 

We’ve talked about terminating a visit when the Visiting Parent does not comply with Guidelines. Now, let’s talk about a Parent who does not comply with other aspects of Supervised Visitation. This could be a Parent who does not pay on time, a Parent who frequently cancels last minute, a Parent who tries to get you to take sides, or a Parent who is questioning your integrity.

When we encounter a Parent who complies with actual visits, but is constantly questioning, complaining and criticizing, we can first try to calm their worries and address their concerns. We might refer them back to our Neutrality, Guidelines and Agreement, or we can do another Orientation with them. Often, this reassurance will calm their concerns.

If the behavior continues, it is possible that this family is not a good fit for us. At that point, we would place the family on a Hold or Terminate them from services, depending on the circumstances. Again, use your best judgement.

After you have placed a Parent on Hold, make sure you conduct a Re-Orientation session with them before you resume services. If it is more convenient for your schedule, you can set the Re-Orientation session back-to-back with the first new start-up visit.

Family & Children’s is a pay-for-service practice. That means, if a Parent doesn’t pay, there is no visit. If a Parent gets started with visits, then stops paying, the case goes on Hold until the Parent pays again. 

Sometimes Parents will contact us once every four, six or eight weeks due to work or financial situations. That Parent is notified that there is no guarantee of availability and that a visit will not be on the calendar or considered as confirmed until payment has cleared.

Please review the Hold, Termination and Agreement documents to find the information from this segment.

Before moving on to the next segment, answer the following questions:

1) When you imagine a Parent who is not complying with Guidelines, what do you imagine?

2) What feelings come up for you?

3) How will you manage these feelings when working with actual clients?

4) What is your preferred method of self-care?

Thank you for watching. I’ll see you again at the next video, Screening, Monitoring, and Termination of Visitation- Handling No-Shows.

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