24- The Interview

Screening, Monitoring, and Termination of Visitation- The Interview

Hi. Welcome to part twenty-four of the Supervised Visitation Monitor Training, brought to you by Family & Children’s Counseling Services, Inc.

In this segment, we will explore the Interview with the Parent.

Before you can monitor a visit, you must have an Interview and Orientation with each parent, individually. We cannot combine the Interviews because some parents have a Protective Order against the other parent. Even if there is no PO or DVRO- domestic violence protective order, there is usually an intense emotional backstory and conflict. You don’t want to bring them together so they can get upset and argue more. We need each Parent to have the safety and freedom to tell their side of the story. 

You may want to bring a folder with the Interview questionnaire and fill it out with the Parent. Or, you may email the Interview and have the Parent fill it out before the face-to-face Interview. If you are working with an electronic system, you will have to give each Parent separate login and password for their individual accounts.

During the Interview, you are getting the backstory, the history of what brought this family into SV services.  This is important because it will give us an idea of the level of risk, the amount of conflict between parents and what the children have been exposed to.  You will also be able to collect necessary information like attorney names and numbers, emergency contact, and other pertinent information for the case.

Let’s go over the Interview questionnaire. You can find it in your Training Manual. If your client has filled the Interview out beforehand, make sure you go over the document and ask for clarification on any items that seem unclear.

Thank you for watching. I’ll see you again at the next video, Screening, Monitoring, and Termination of Visitation -The Orientation.


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