18- Choosing the Location

The Role of the Provider- Choosing a Location

Hi. Welcome to part eighteen of the Supervised Visitation Monitor Training, brought to you by Family & Children’s Counseling Services, Inc.  I am your host, Melinda Haynes.

In this segment, we will explore the importance of choosing a visit location.

When the Court has not prohibited community visits, you can take the visits into the community. This is a fun way to allow the Parent and Child to interact in a less confined environment. There are some safety precautions, of course. Ask yourself the following questions before doing any community visits:

1)     Does the Parent follow Guidelines?

2)     Do the children follow instructions and appear cooperative?

3)     Is the location close to a busy street or freeway, where a get-a-way car could assist in an abduction?

4)     Is the location generally safe and family-friendly?

5)     Is the location quiet enough so that we can hear everything that is said?

6)     Does the location have places to hide?

7)     Does the location have cameras?

8)     What is the worst-case scenario for this location?

9)     What would an emergency response look like in this situation?

Use your best judgement according to the family, location, and overall risks and precautions. Also, make sure the other Parent has agreed to the location in advance.

Thank you for watching. I’ll see you again at the next video, The Role of the Provider – Chasing Clients.

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